The well-equipped horse owner needs a full complement of grooming equipment.

Body brushes are ideal for removing dust, dander, grease and dirt from the coat of sensitive or clipped horses. These brushes can remove waterproof natural oils from the coat, so use with caution on horses turned out in winter. Natural fibers are more expensive but can help create a great shine on the coat.

Dandy brushes are good for removing mud and dirt from the coat without stripping natural oils. Stiff bristles are good for long hair; soft bristles are best on sensitive or clipped horses.

Curry combs: Metal should only be used to clean brushes. Rubber is useful for removing caked-on mud. and when a horse is shedding a winter coat. Plastic is harder than rubber so it great for stubborn mud, bu may be too hard for some horses.

Hoof picks should be used regularly to remove mud, dirt and stones to keep the hoofs healthy.

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Showing 1-12 of 45 results